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FIFA Ultimate Team NFT is a Blockchain fantasy soccer game where you can be rewarded for playing the game and trading virtual collectible cards.

Unlike the other traditional FUT game modes that reset and renew annually, FUT NFT will be a carry-over game mode. This is designed to offer more value to the players and ensure that their efforts spent in the game are counted and remained permanently.

However, FUT NFT and FUT are strongly connected. The players are required play the traditional FUT game modes to earn coins that can be used to purchase packs containing NFTs in FUT NFT. NFT packs can also be purchased by using FIFA points.

You can earn real world money and build up your portfolio by selling your NFTs. You will be able to withdraw profit instantly to your connected cryptorrency wallet. 

All of your player cards in FUT NFT are identified as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), this means that there is only a fixed, predetermined number of cards that will ever exist for each player. Since there will always be only a certain number of cards created for every single player, they will become more and more valuable according to their rarity, and why, also according to the passage of time.


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