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The Boroondara FreeZA Committee in collaboration with the Glenferrie Festival hosted a competition to create a mural to be created ‘live’ for patrons attending the 2019 Festival. The brief of the competition is to showcase the multiple perspectives of flora and fauna we engage with every day in the City of Boroondara. I decided to join the competition and proudly won a spot out of four to paint my own mural painting design on the wall of the Coles supermarket on Linda Crescent as tens of thousands of people swirled around us.


Visual Design



2019-03-12 17_51_09.187.jpg
2019-03-04 19:39:02.889.JPG

Here are some photos of me in the making of the mural.

'The Happy Jungle' mural painting received lots of positive feedback from people during the festival as well as on social media. I'm also thrilled to learn that
my design was the only artwork out of four to be showcased on the City of Boroondara official website as well as their newsletter. I'm also proud to become a committee of The Boroondara FreeZA with a designer role after the success of the mural painting.


Glenferrie Festival is the largest one-day event in the City of Boroondara, with last year’s festival attracting an estimated crowd of 90,000. Local shops and restaurants open and are joined by hundreds of stalls, a makers market, live entertainment, lots of rides and much, much more!

About Boroondara FReeZa:


Through the theme 'Flora and Fauna Through a Youth Lens' we aim to explore our communities beautiful nature through the eyes culturally diverse, adverse and youth artists. We hope the mural will highlight the modern appreciation towards Flora and Fauna. In a world full of technology which youth constantly engage in, we hope this mural will remind not only the youth of the community but all those living in the 21st century to open their eyes to the natural world, enjoy the Flora and Fauna and breath the fresh air.

Final Blue Orange-01-01.jpg

My design is an illustration of a jungle full of joyful and happiness with lots of animals and plants. All the animals are enjoying their afternoon, the whole atmosphere of the jungle is like they’re having a party. The design expresses the main meaning of the festival, which is about Flora and Fauna. Moreover, my intention of this design is letting people especially kids to look at the mural painting and try to find all the animals since there are nine animals in total, including some popular Australia’s Fauna such as kangaroo, koala, echidna,...

With the uses of lots of colors, the contrast between warm color and cold color, my design promises to get people’s attention quickly. I hope “The happy jungle” will bring some 
more color and energy to the festival.

Final Design (JPG).jpg
Final Blue Orange-01-01.jpg

Here are the other versions of 'The Happy Jungle' in different colors that I made. With the help of two other friends, I finished painting this mural during the time of the Glenferrie Festival.

2022-09-02 00_33_45.414.JPG

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